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Founders Night: Techone VC & twozero Ventures

Founders Night : TechOne VC & twozero Ventures

TechOne Venture Capital and Twozero Ventures brought together the founders of the startups in their funds at an event called Founders Night, held at Hamam Arts Hub. In addition to the managing partners and investment committee members of the funds, over fifty entrepreneurs participated in the event.

At Founders Night, where entrepreneurs shared their experiences with each other, steps were taken for many potential collaborations.

Yiğit Arslan, Managing Partner of TechOne VC, who expressed his opinions about the event, said, “TechOne VC has provided a total of over $10 million in funding to the startups it has invested in to date. In 2022, we plan to invest $10 million in 20 more startups from different sectors. Moreover, we do not limit our support for startups only with financial resources. We define ourselves as a platform that supports entrepreneurs in different areas on their journey, and we aim to establish a network where our entrepreneurs can transfer their knowledge to each other. With Founders Night, we took our first step towards this goal. I think we had a beautiful and useful evening for the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Perhaps the foundations of many important collaborations that will achieve significant successes in the future were laid today. Founders of our startups in both of our funds shared their experiences with each other, and as TechOne VC, we are very happy to host such a beneficial event. We will continue our activities like this for the sustainability of the ecosystem we have created.”

Barış Hocaoğlu, Managing Partner of Twozero Ventures, who shared his thoughts on Founders Night, said, “In today’s world, sports, media, and entertainment verticals are adapting to different changes with the evolution of trends and different channels. The increasing digitalization of the media and the increasing importance given to content production, sports investments including new perspectives involving technology, and the focus of the new generation of entertainment on live broadcasts are among the trends we follow as Twozero Ventures. We realize our fund strategy by investing in startups at the seed, pre-seed, and early stages. Within this framework, we can say that almost all of the portfolio companies we have invested in have experienced high monthly growth trends. Regardless of the performance of our investments, we came together with the founders of our startups today and had an evening where we talked a lot about growth strategies and roadmaps.”


TechOne VC, which invests in seed and early-stage technology startups with a goal of becoming a global player with competitive advantages and disruptive business models; promises more than just capital to startups with strategic expertise, connections, guidance, and operational excellence. With 11 new investments and 4 follow-up investments in 2021, TechOne fund, which is the most active venture capital firm in Turkey, has invested in a total of 24 startups since its inception.

twozero Ventures, Turkey’s first sports, media, and entertainment venture capital investment fund, invests between $50,000 and $2 million in technology-focused, disruptive, and innovative startups in their early stages. Established in June 2020, the fund has invested in a total of 14 startups to date and plans to provide funding for five more startups in 2022.

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